Lash Curl -Buy 2 Get Free Shipping!

Lash Curl -Buy 2 Get Free Shipping!

Lash Curl -Buy 2 Get Free Shipping!

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Lash Curl -Buy 2 Get Free S...


"Curling your eyelashes is one of the tried-and-true small secrets that makes a big difference in the way your face and makeup looks in almost no time. Your lashes will instantly appear longer and fuller because the bend pushes them up and fans them out, which also makes your eyes look more open, awake, and defined."

Stunning Eyes In Seconds.

No Pinching. No Pulling.

Splency™ Lash Curl is specially designed to separate your fine lashes while gently curling them with mild heat, producing beautiful & natural-looking curls in seconds - all without pinching nor pulling!

Mascara Booster

Apply your favorite mascara and let it dry before using Splency™ Lash Curl to help curl it beautifully. You will love the end-results!

Beautiful Illusion

Natural-looking curls make your beautiful eyes appear larger, helping you to look more fresh! One quick touch-up on your beautiful curls can last for a good 8-12 hours with ease.

Perfect Curls

Splency™ Lash Curl’s patented comb design separates your fine lashes with ease, helping to create natural-looking curls in seconds.

Quick & Easy

Splency™ Lash Curl heats up quickly in 10 seconds, allowing for quick and easy touch-ups on the go. It’s so compact you can carry it in your pouch or pocket!

Safe & Gentle

Say goodbye to those harmful glued-on lashes that cause eye irritations. Splency™ Lash Curl’s patented gentle heating comb pad creates natural-looking curls without causing any discomfort. 

    How To Use

    1. Insert 1x AAA battery and slide the switch to turn on Splency™ Lash Curl.

    2. Let it warm up for about 10 seconds. Rest assured the heat is gentle and 100% safe for your lashes.

    3. Place the heating comb pad directly under your eyelash line. Gently lift your eyelashes with the curler against your eyelid. Hold this position for about 10 seconds (Do not press the curler directly on your eyelid). Continue until your desired look is achieved.

    4. When finished, slide the switch to turn off Splency™ Lash Curl.

    5. To achieve the best looking results, many of our customers recommend the use of mascara alongside Splency™ Lash Curl, either before or after the session. Try it out!


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